Push the boundaries of Lifeweaver’s ultimate with this new Overwatch 2 trick

This simple trick can greatly enhance the ultimate.

Lifeweaver manifests a pink rose while standing in front of his Tree of Life Ultimate
Screengrab via Overwatch on Twitter

Lifeweaver hit the live servers on April 12, and players are already discovering new tricks to maximize the hero’s potential in Overwatch 2.

In a Reddit thread yesterday, a player explained how the support’s ultimate, Tree of Life, can be greatly improved with a simple trick.

The player discovered Liverweaver’s tree can be placed on the Robot in Push mode. This allows the ultimate to heal all allies around the objective no matter where it goes, which could easily turn the tide of a tense teamfight.

This Lifeweaver’s trick can also be used in the Payload mode. But the trick is more effective in Push because the robot moves faster.

If Lifeweaver places their ultimate near the objective but doesn’t manage to push, it will become useless thanks to teammates leaving its area of effect. Having it follow the robot makes it a much more worthwhile healing tool.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

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Lifeweaver’s ultimate, Tree of Life, places a tree with high HP that “instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continues… as it lives.” It heals players all around it, which requires players to stay close to benefit from its healing.

This trick will undoubtedly become widely used by Lifeweaver players in the months to come. Meanwhile, the hero might be receiving balance changes soon. On April 13, the developer said it’s working on a control scheme tweak to make his playstyle more fluid in the future.

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