Thanks to an Overwatch fan artist, more heroes can be magicians

There's magic everywhere.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A round of new skins were added to Overwatch with the game’s second anniversary event, the best of which is Symmetra’s magician skin. But as it turns out, it’s an outfit that would look damn good on a bunch of other Overwatch heroes, too.

One Overwatch fan from Australia put together fan art for a number of different heroes, wherein they’re all magicians a la Symmetra. And it’s great. “Every year, Hanzo bypasses the bodyguards of Hanamura to visit Shimada Castle, employing all manner of tactics, combat, and costumes,” artist Chris Blanco wrote on Twitter. “Storm Arrows take the shape of rabbits. Dragonstrike is now Rabbitstrike.”

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Hanzo, Doomfist, Sombra, McCree, and Genji all got the magician’s treatment from Blanco. The beauty is in the details, but we’ve got just two words for Hanzo—dat ass. Hanzo’s top hat acts as a sling for his wands (arrows), while Sombra wears a hard-light skirt and Doomfist dons a magical fist.

Overwatch has some of the most creative fans out there, with fan art and cosplay outfits being created all the time. The Magician Symmetra skin was released earlier in May with the Overwatch Anniversary event, and we’re sure it’s not going to be long until a cosplayer picks up their sewing machine to create a costume for her. That’s exactly what happened when Blizzard revealed its Pink Mercy skin in May; a cosplayer had already put together a costume less than a week later.