Overwatch’s Nintendo Switch physical release is just a code in a box

Christmas, code in a box!

overwatch switch physical release
Screengrab via PlayOverwatch

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If you’re looking for some cool new swag to come with Overwatch’s physical release on Oct. 15, you’re probably out of luck. All you’ll be getting is a code in the box.

Blizzard is more than willing to hand out the virtual swag, however. Whether you’re queueing in line or simply waiting for the game to drop on the Nintendo eShop, the game will retail for $39.99. It comes with 15 bonus skins for different heroes to ensure you get a fresh look, plus a three-month online membership so you can start cracking skulls as soon as possible.

Players who pre-purchase the game will also obtain the Noire Widowmaker skin, and players who log in on the handheld console by Dec. 31 will get to open a Golden Loot Box with at least one Legendary rarity item.

Want to get more physical with Overwatch on the Switch? There have been recent leaks of an officially licensed case created by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment, so not all hope is lost. The case even has mini Joy Cons as zippers!

But cross-platform play won’t be available at launch. “We’ve seen how compelling cross-system play can be for our community, and we’re excited about the potential,” Blizzard told Engadget. “There’s still a lot of work to do on both our side and the platforms’ side to determine whether this is something that makes sense for Overwatch, and we’re keeping an eye on how cross-play systems and technology develop.”

If all you’re looking for is to get more sweet snipes with Hanzo, you’re in luck. Get ready to play on the go when Overwatch arrives on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15.