Blizzard’s Overwatch toys come to life in this new stop-motion video

The video debuted during the Overwatch League tonight.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You might want to check on your Overwatch toys. In a new video that debuted during the Overwatch League tonight, Blizzard’s toys come to life.

The video, “Trace and Bake,” was whipped up in celebration of the Overwatch Anniversary event, which begins next week. “Get into the Overwatch Anniversary celebration spirit,” Blizzard posted to Twitter with the stop-motion video. “Tracer’s baking up something extra special in this stop-motion video.”

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“Trace and Bake” stars Tracer, naturally—but Reaper makes an appearance, too. It’s a neat little video in celebration of Overwatch’s second birthday.

Blizzard also posted a behind-the-scenes video that shows the process behind creating “Trace and Bake.” A team of a few Blizzard employees created the video—seeing Tracer and Reaper come to life is a real treat. And the best part? We can expect more of this in the future, according to the animator who helmed the flick.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will begin on May 22 and continue through June 11. Blizzard is introducing a bunch of new skins in this event (11 in total), all of which were leaked earlier today. (Blizzard has only officially revealed two of the Overwatch Anniversary skins, Venom Soldier: 76 and Lightning Tracer.) If you missed out on any Overwatch skins from previous events, those will be available for Overwatch Anniversary 2018, too.

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Special legendary loot boxes will be made available during the event, guaranteeing Overwatch players one legendary item per legendary loot box.

A new Deathmatch map, Petra, will also debut with the event. The map was leaked early with the skins, but Blizzard officially revealed it during the Overwatch League broadcast. The map is set in the Middle East, and has a bunch of cool new features we haven’t seen yet in Overwatch maps.