All of the Overwatch Anniversary skins have seemingly leaked ahead of the event

These could be some of the best skins yet.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

All 11 new Overwatch skins have apparently been leaked.

A Taiwanese Overwatch fan posted a bunch of in-game screenshots to the Taiwanese Overwatch fan club on Facebook, according to a Reddit post. The images look very real, but it’s possible that they’re really good fakes—but the quality of the images point to these being the actual skins we’re getting with the event.

An Overwatch fan posted the images to Reddit this morning. The new skins include a “shield maiden” Brigitte skin—she has a bear head strapped to her back, too—along with Tuxedo Doomfist and Symmetra, Sherlock McCree, Pirate Junkrat, and Mecha Bastion.

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Image via [Imgur](
Image via [Imgur](
Image via [Imgur](

From the Overwatch screenshots posted—if they’re real—it appears that the player must have gotten early access to the new update. How could that happen? That’s unclear at this time.

The Overwatch Anniversary event is scheduled to begin on May 22 and continue through June 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s a bunch of new content coming alongside the skins; Blizzard is bringing back a select number of Overwatch brawls from past events and the skins that launched alongside them.

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A new Deathmatch map and a competitive Deathmatch playlist are also expected to go live with the event. Blizzard will be on hand at the Overwatch League tonight to give fans a sneak preview of the event—but it looks like we’ve already got it.

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