Overwatch players break Junkenstein’s Revenge record

It's over 45 thousand!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Some Overwatch players may feel that Junkenstein’s Revenge has lost most of its allure. After four Halloween Terror appearances and a few one-day stints as a featured game mode during the Anniversary celebrations, fighting off hordes of robotic undead in Junkenstein’s Revenge can feel somewhat monotone, even in the hardest difficulties. But that’s not the case for a cast of die-hard Junkenstein aficionados.

Reddit user Wengzan shared a post detailing their group’s efforts in dissecting the game mode’s scoring system and using it to their advantage. The run ended with a grand total of 45,040 points, which Wegzan believes to be the “last reachable 1k mark in Junkenstein Classic.” The team chose heroes Hanzo, McCree, Torbjörn and Zenyatta to tackle the challenge.

Wengzan gave a few tips on reaching the maximum score. Avoiding door damage is listed among the easier point sources, and killing elite enemies in under 10 seconds also gives out scoring bonuses that add up at the end of a run.

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One of the trickiest aspects is maximizing zomnic spawns, and the best way to achieve that is killing enemies quickly. To do so, DPS ultimates are used liberally to quickly bring down the zomnics, just to be re-farmed on the upcoming hordes. Wengzan’s team used a specific positioning to optimize that process: Hanzo and Zenyatta took the ledge on the upper left corner of the map, Torbjörn and his trusty turret guarded the door, and a trigger-happy McCree stayed on the right, popping off headshots and Deadeyes to clear the screen.

Paradoxically, letting one of the players die can actually increase the overall score. That’s because Junkenstein’s Revenge has a gradually-increasing survival bonus for every 25 enemies killed without dying, which simply stops being awarded once 300 kills have been reached. A player death resets the count and allows a team to harvest more and more points, provided that they rack up enough kills.

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“This nets us a total of 7200 points (doubled to 14 400 points on legendary), whereas a normal Junkenstein run would only get half of that,” Wengzan wrote.

In spite of their stellar performance, there is still room for perfection. One accidental death, for instance, cost the team a few valuable points. Wengzan wrote the score is “definitely improvable,” but likely only by a couple hundred points.