Overwatch players are already rallying for change to Lifeweaver for sake of controller gamers

Lifeweaver is already stirring controversy ahead of release.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2‘s next upcoming hero who was revealed yesterday, and he didn’t go unnoticed. His unique ability kit will likely allow him to become either a utility monster or the worst teammate ever, but players are already suggesting changes to improve the support.

One of them was made by a player who uses a controller in a recent Reddit thread. They argued the primary fire switch, which allows Lifeweaver to either heal allies or throw projectiles at opponents wasn’t practical for controllers.

The weapon switch works similarly to Mercy’s and Torbjorn’s. On keyboard, Lifeweaver’s weapon switch won’t take another button, but on controller, players have to assign it a separate command.

Since Lifeweaver already features numerous abilities, players on controller will have to keep track of many buttons when playing the support. In the thread, some complained about removing a social/ping button they usually assign for Lifeweaver’s weapon switch, allowing them less versatility.

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They suggested his primary fire switch be changed to buttons similar to Kiriko’s, who has two distinct buttons to either heal or deal damage.

The problem is that Lifeweaver already features a lot of different abilities. His secondary fire button is already set for the Petal Platform summoning.

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“A quick fix to this would be to change his dash ability to work like Hanzo’s where you tap jump while airborne and move in the direction you are traveling,” the thread author suggested.

That way, it would free one ability spot and allow Lifeweaver to get his primary and secondary fire on two distinct buttons. In its current state, the Rejuvenating Dash is a separate button, Left Shift on PC, while his Life Grip is set on the E hotkey.

Lifeweaver looks challenging to pick up due to his numerous abilities, as well as complex mechanics such as the pull and platform summoning. This tweak, they argued, would make his playstyle more fluid and easy to pick up.

Reactions to the thread were generally positive, as many Overwatch fans doubled down on the button changes. They highlighted the fact that a dash on a separate button, rather than another command with the jumping command, didn’t sound convenient.

“Characters generally don’t feel very good when weapon swapping is required. The only reason Torb/Mercy work so well is because these are not active parts of gameplay every moment,” wrote the highest-voted comment.

Lifeweaver is planned to join the Overwatch 2 roster alongside season Four on April 11.


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