Overwatch League Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend drinking game

The Los Angeles Valiant host the final "home games" of the year and that's cause for some celebration.

Photo by Ben Pursell via Blizzard Entertainment

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It’s been a long season, Overwatch League fans, and it’s time for one last hurrah.

The Los Angeles Valiant will be hosting the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend on Aug. 24 and 25 at The Novo in Los Angeles. Since this will be the final set of “home games” of the season, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to crack a few Bud Lights—not that it’s been too much of a struggle thanks to two successful homestands in Dallas and Atlanta earlier this year. 

Many of the teams playing at the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend have had stressful seasons. The San Francisco Shock, Vancouver Titans, and New York Excelsior have had it rough trying to maintain their places at the top of the food chain. The Dallas Fuel and Boston Uprising are already knocked out of playoff contention, so they deserve a cold one. Los Angeles Valiant fans will be waiting with bated breath as their team fights for the last remaining playoff spot. They may need vodka, but we’re not going to tell you how to spend your Kit Kat-sponsored weekend. 

Take a drink when…

  • “Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend” is mentioned in full. 
    • Take another drink if the caster or talent can’t pronounce it right the first time. Words are hard.
  • Bud Light is name-dropped since the venue has a Bud Light Lounge. 
  • Anyone makes a joke about this being the “farthest” homestand, considering the teams are only traveling from Burbank to downtown Los Angeles.
    • Take another drink if LA traffic is mentioned or blamed. 
  • The “Battle for LA,” or the match between the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Los Angeles Valiant, is mentioned. 
    • Take a bonus drink if Lane “Surefour” Roberts talks trash about the Valiant.  
  • The “California Cup,” or the match between the Los Angeles Valiant and the San Francisco Shock, is mentioned. 
    • Take a bonus drink if production makes Matthew “Super” DeLisi come out with the current California Cup trophy to talk trash.
Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The camera pans to a rowdy group of Valiant, Gladiators, or Shock fans in the crowd. 
    • Take a pity drink if the camera pans to a Fuel or Uprising fan. 
  • A team plays a fan-favorite player, like: 
    • Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon for the Shanghai Dragons. 
    • Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong Ryeol for the New York Excelsior. 
    • Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod for the Dallas Fuel. 
    • Lee “Hooreg” Dong-eun for the Vancouver Titans. 
    • Min-seok “AimGod” Kwon for the Boston Uprising. He’s not necessarily a fan favorite, but he’s been mysteriously missing from a starting roster that desperately needs him.  
  • The Vancouver Titans play a questionable team composition because, honestly, they could lose every single map and still take first seed in the season playoffs. 
    • Take a bonus drink if Park “Bumper” Sang-beom is on Hanzo. 
  • Anyone mentions the “uNKOE pause” that plagued the league last week during the Dallas Fuel match. 
  • Atlanta Reign flex support Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman talks trash—again. 
  • Casters or analysts say “the goose is loose” in reference to Los Angeles Gladiators support Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni.
  • Los Angeles Valiant support Park “KariV” Young-seo lands an Ana sleep dart that shouldn’t, realistically, be able to happen. 
  • Casters interview Scott “Custa” Kennedy instead of literally any other Valiant player—the same routine as every other week.  
Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Valiant takes advantage of the opportunity for bonus content and lets KariV and Brady “Agilities” Girardi do a live “Gamer Snacks” episode. 
  • Caster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles brings out a very fancy kimono for the weekend. 
  • Caster Wolf Schröder talks about APEX or Korea during a match. 
  • Fans in the very expensive front rows are shown enjoying Bud Light or Kit Kats—or both at the same time.

Finish your drink if… 

  • Analyst Brennon Hook challenges a player to another ridiculous one-vs-one battle. 
    • Take a shot if they somehow manage to make it involve Kit Kats. 
  • The Dallas Fuel or Boston Uprising win their respective matches. They’re the two teams that aren’t playing for anything involving playoffs, so they’re just doing it for pride.  
  • The Los Angeles Valiant make it into the play-in tournament by defeating either the Gladiators or Shock. 
  • Your favorite team didn’t make it to playoffs. For some fans, that might have happened about three weeks ago. You know what? That’s fine. You deserve it.

As a disclaimer, please drink responsibly and don’t partake if you’re under the legal age in your country. Water is a good replacement for alcohol. Since this is in Los Angeles, very overpriced water will be a more appropriate replacement. The Overwatch League Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend begins on Aug. 24 at 4pm CT.