Overwatch healers will likely get “Help me!” voice lines in the future

Mercy is the only Overwatch healer that has one right now.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

“Help me!” A Mercy under fire cries out for assistance when her health drops low. She has a weapon she can use to defend herself, but it’s not powerful enough to take on many of Overwatch’s damage-dealing heroes. The “Help me!” voice line is automatic, a way to get the attention of allied players.

No other healers in Overwatch have that voice line—but that could change, according to Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu.

“This has been requested a few times, and I think we will probably be adding automatic ‘help me’ voice lines to the other support characters in the future,” Chu wrote on the Overwatch forum.

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Mercy’s voice line is trigger by enemy bullets—and the other support heroes, should the lines be added, will likely work in the same way. But Overwatch players in the forum are hoping the developer takes the voice line one step further by allowing it to be triggered by the player. That’ll allow players to choose when they need help or not, which could prove more useful than an automatically triggered voice line.

Think the “I need healing” button, but for healers. Sure, there’s a potential that it’ll get spammed, but it’s a feature that a lot of players want. When voice chat isn’t available for whatever reason, there needs to be a way for players to call their allies for back-up. It’s especially important for healers.

Chu didn’t give an outline for when the voice line feature could be added to Overwatch.