Overwatch’s new map, Petra, is set in an underground, cavernous city

Blizzard officially debuted Petra during the Overwatch League's Saturday matches.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard took a break from tonight’s Overwatch League matches to showcase its upcoming Overwatch map, Petra. The new Deathmatch map will debut with the Overwatch Anniversary event on May 22.

Multiple videos of the new map leaked earlier today, but the official video from Blizzard provides a closer look at the details. Petra is a hidden city carved into the mountains in the Middle East. Winding passageways snake around a large, open cavern—an arena where players will fight over control of an extra-large health pack. Petra is a mix of new and old, with vertical jump pads leading to crumbling bridges.

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“A group of archaeologists have begun an excavation and preservation project among the ruins of Petra, a new Deathmatch map that puts all heroes on their own, facing off against one another until one hero scores enough eliminations to win the match,” Blizzard wrote.

Petra is based on an actual archaeological city located in southern Jordan. It’s a city that’s believed to have been settled in 9,000 BC and established as the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom in the fourth century BC.

Overwatch’s new competitive Deathmatch mode will also be unlocked during the Overwatch Anniversary event. Of course, Petra will be playable in the ranked queue alongside Overwatch’s other dedicated Deathmatch map, Château Guillard.

A number of new Overwatch skins—11 in total—will be released for the Overwatch Anniversary event, too. If you missed any skins from previous events, those will become available once again as well. And if Petra isn’t enough to keep you busy, Blizzard is also bringing back a select number of Overwatch seasonal brawls to celebrate the game’s second birthday.

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