Overwatch bug turns loot box items invisible

That’s what you get for opening your Christmas presents early.

Image via Naeri/Blizzard Entertainment

Spoils from loot boxes in Overwatch can turn invisible, and it’s not Sombra’s doing.

A new bug in Overwatch makes the items obtained from boxes vanish into thin air. Players still obtain the cosmetics, but the opening animation shows a seemingly empty screen. A Redditor shared footage of the glitch.

The bug skips part of the signature animation of opening a loot box. The box opens normally, but the color-coded pedestals that showcase the drops are missing. The cosmetics themselves are also transparent and appear to be invisible at first glance. The glitch misleads players into believing their items are gone, but the cosmetics will still make their way to players’ accounts as normal.

The new items can be seen through the Hero Gallery, and clicking the place where they should be will still reveal their name and rarity, but not their appearance. 

“The items are still where they would normally be,” a Reddit user said, “so you can click on all of them, just not see them. When you click on them, you’ll only see the names, you can’t see the cosmetics or hear the voice lines.”

The post gathered further reports of the glitch. “Happens to me a lot,” a user commented. “If you wait a little everything will appear eventually just needs more time on weaker systems.” Overwatch has loading issues on some computers. Textures can take excessively long to load, and players can find their way into a lobby full of invisible heroes on both teams. Some users speculated that the two issues might be related.

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