Overwatch 2 battle pass rewards leak, potentially includes mythic and legendary skins

It will include over 80 cosmetics to collect, according to the leak.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The release date of Overwatch 2 is approaching and fans are finally getting more details about the title. But they aren’t necessarily coming from Blizzard Entertainment.

The number of Overwatch 2 leaks has multiplied over the last few days and a new one showcases some of the potential upcoming battle pass rewards. A few images were revealed last night, showing weapon charms, voice lines, sprays, and skins locked behind tiers and two versions of the battle pass.

Keep in mind, however, that the images were taken from a “work in progress” version of the game rather than the final one. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to comment on the leak.

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Based on the images, the battle pass’ free version will likely include just a portion of the total rewards. Although the most flashy items will be locked behind the upgraded version of the battle pass, the upcoming hero Kiriko will likely be on the free track—for the game’s first battle pass, at least.

Overall, the battle pass will include over 80 new cosmetics to collect, as well as experience boosts, according to the leak. The featured skin could be the Hinotori Kiriko, of legendary rarity, but it will also include at least one mythic skin, potentially called Cyber Demon Genji. The skin was shown in the leak. It’s safe to assume those exclusive skins would be locked behind the upgraded version if they actually come to the game, although that information has yet to be confirmed.

It’s also unclear how long players will have to unlock all of the battle pass tiers and if they will require a lot of playtime. The cost of the upgraded version is also unknown at this time.

Overwatch 2 is set to be released on Oct. 4.