New OWL skins for the Shock, Mayhem, and Valiant are now available

The three teams changed their color palette in the offseason.

Image via Florida Mayhem

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Players who were eyeing the new skins for the Overwatch League’s 2020 season can now purchase them in-game.

Three of the teams in the league switched color palettes and, starting today, their new hero visuals can finally be acquired in the game using Overwatch League tokens.

The Florida Mayhem was the first of the three franchises to change its color scheme. The team ditched its classic red and yellow for a sparkling new pink and blue that give its new skins a neon-inspired look. Some of the visuals will also have black as an accent color, which creates some contrast between the other, more intense shades.

Image via Florida Mayhem

The Los Angeles Valiant replaced its signature green with a baby blue, but kept gold as a secondary color. The change was accidentally revealed prematurely by the Overwatch League’s social media team last month.

Image via Los Angeles Valiant

The San Francisco Shock also opted to change its colors. The silver and black scheme is a reference to the Oakland Raiders, who are moving to Las Vegas. The Shock aims to make a tribute to the Raiders, their fans, and their legacy. Black is the new orange and it looks lethal.

Image via San Francisco Shock

The older versions of the skins are now a collector’s item and can’t be obtained anymore. Players who previously owned the skins will still have access to the classic visuals but will have to repurchase the cosmetics if they want to sport their team’s new color palette. The items can be acquired with Overwatch League tokens, obtained freely for watching the OWL on Twitch or with real money.

The Overwatch League kicks off its 2020 season on Feb. 8. To celebrate the occasion, Blizzard will release a new, limited-time GOAT skin for Brigitte.