Florida Mayhem reveals new hot pink color scheme

Somewhere, Sonny Crocket and Rico Tubbs are smiling.

Screengrab via Florida Mayhem
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The Florida Mayhem are ditching their original yellow and red color scheme and adopting a Miami Vice-like pink and teal theme for the upcoming Overwatch League season.

Florida previously adopted the color scheme for its third, alternate jersey last season, but the change is going into full effect for 2020, the team announced today.

The pink, teal, and black scheme is way easier on the eyes than the team’s original yellow and red. With yellow being the dominant color, both the team’s jerseys and their heroes in-game were an eyesore.

Now, the team will sport a sleek ’80s Miami look—and it seems like a great change so far. As for the logo, it hasn’t changed much other than getting a palette swap.

Information on how the color change would affect the in-game skins that players have purchased and might buy in the future wasn’t readily available, but the team promised that news is coming soon.