New Overwatch Map, Malevento, introduced on PTR

The new free-for-all map is only a little bit haunted.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Say “ciao” to a new Overwatch map. The developers announced today that the game’s newest free-for-all map, Malevento, will be available on the Public Test Realm (PTR). 

Malevento is a “peaceful Italian hilltop town” that holds a dark past, according to the Aug. 26 patch notes. The developer notes describe a potentially dangerous cliffside and a “mysterious” safe house. Most notably, the map description includes a warning about “the curse of Malevento” standing in the way of victory.   

The existence of Malevento was previously leaked by Dexerto last month in an article that was later deleted but has been archived for posterity. Images included in the article fit the official description of the map released today on the PTR

Malevento is apparently a Talon base located in Italy, according to multiple sources, including the original Dexerto article and a press email. It may be related in the lore to Overwatch’s other Italian map, Rialto, which was the basis of a Blackwatch operation during an Archives event.  

As a free-for-all (or Deathmatch) map, Malevento will only be seen in Overwatch’s arcade modes or custom games. It joins an ever-expanding list of free-for-all maps that includes Kanezaka, the previous new map offering that the developer team unveiled in January. Because of development leaning heavily toward Overwatch 2, free-for-all maps have been the only maps released this year.     

Unfortunately for console players, the PTR is only available for PC Overwatch owners, who will test the new map over the next few weeks. Malevento is scheduled to hit the live servers and all Overwatch platforms on Sept. 28, according to a press email.