Overwatch’s next teaser points to a new hero with a hammer-like weapon—it could be Brigitte

It looks a lot like Brigitte may be the next hero.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch teaser has been revealed on the game’s Twitter account with what could be a new hero’s weapon.

The weapon drawing posted on Feb. 26 is called Slaga 3.0, and it looks a lot like something either Reinhardt or Torbjörn could swing. The language on the right side of the drawing appears to be Swedish, which points to one Overwatch character: Brigitte Lindholm.

Other details to notice are the toy mouse and ginger cat paw in the bottom right corner.

We last saw Brigitte in the Overwatch animated short called Honor and Glory, where she advised Reinhardt as he was called back to Overwatch itself. She was against the idea, noting that the organization had thrown him aside. The teaser posted today could be a hint that Brigitte is joining the organization in its recall alongside her traveling companion, Reinhardt.

The previous hints revealed over the past week line up with this: The first was a cryptic message about an Overwatch mission gone bad, where Brigitte’s father Torbjörn lost his arm. Reinhardt saved Torbjörn in the battle. It was in the second teaser, a letter from Torbjörn to his wife Ingrid, where the Swedish engineer mentioned that he’d ask Reinhardt to be Brigitte’s godfather.

Overwatch is right on schedule for a new hero—and we should be getting more information in the coming days.