Minstrel leaves Team Liquid

Team Liquid announced that John "Minstrel" Fisher is set to leave their Overwatch roster.

Image via MoreSky

John “Minstrel” Fisher, a support player for Team Liquid, is set to leave Liquid’s Overwatch roster, the organization announced today.

In a statement released on Team Liquid’s website, Minstrel expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play for TL. “I am glad that during my time on Liquid, we could carry on the organization’s legacy of almost winning,” Minstrel said. “For now, I’ve decided to move to an esport with real potential, Stardew Valley.”

John Lewis, Team Liquid’s Overwatch manager, also stated how much him and the organization will miss Minstrel. “Minstrel was, in my opinion, the most funny and honest guy I’ve met in a while, despite generally being pretty quiet, and announcing his departure today is certainly a sad event for me,” Lewis said. “I certainly always valued his ability to make everyone laugh, even after the toughest losses. I’m not sure what’s next for Minstrel, but he seems to be the kind of guy who can play any game at a high level, so I’m sure he will find some more success in his future.”

Liquid stated that the team is trying out potential candidates to replace Minstrel, and they will have more information in the future.

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