Show off your skating skills with this new Overwatch Workshop mode

Rack up points by pulling off tricks and combos.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch fan DarwinStreams has created a way for players to show off their skating skills with a new Workshop game mode: Lúcio Pro Skate.

In DarwinStreams’s new Workshop creation, players skate around Overwatch’s maps as Lúcio, jumping off of walls and pulling off tricks. Users gain points by spinning while in mid-air or by jumping from wall to wall. Longer spin times or jumping wider distances in between walls award the player with more points. Additionally, players can earn bonus points by using the hero’s greetings voice line or by booping themselves around the map.

Lúcio Pro Skate replaces the support hero’s primary fire with a spin trick and allows players to move up and down while skating on the side of a wall. In place of their secondary fire, users can “boops” themselves up, allowing them to jump higher off walls to get more spin time or cross greater gaps in between walls.

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A counter follows Lúcio as he skates around the map, tracking the number of points the player accumulates over time. Additional counters appear in the top left corner to show users their jump distance, previous attempt score, all-time high score, and best combo across all attempts.

Users who want to try out the game mode will need to enter code QFQM0 under the import section in the Workshop’s settings.