Lucio can speed boost to avoid Junkrat traps in new Overwatch update

The glitch allows Lucio to prevent being trapped.

Image via Game Tyrant
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The latest Overwatch update introduced a glitch for Lucio. He can now speed boost to go through Junkrat traps, streamer PVPX discovered yesterday.

When PVPX noticed the glitch, he entered a custom game with friends to verify his hypothesis. After several minutes of unsuccessful tries, they found out that they simply could jump while speed-boosted to go through Junkrat’s traps. The trap would connect when Lucio wasn’t in its range anymore.

Players can easily do it when they understand the mechanics. It can be used to trick opponents or to destroy Junkrat’s traps quickly.

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Update 1.43 brought another glitch to Mei, which was discovered a few days ago. The update was meant to balance the meta with the long-awaited shield nerfs and new features, like playing alternative modes while waiting for a game.

Blizzard has yet to comment on the Lucio and Mei glitches, but they might be corrected in a hotfix or the next update. Meanwhile, Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is still available with exclusive holiday cosmetics.