All of Overwatch's Winter Wonderland weekly challenges

Unlock skins with a few easy wins.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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If your snowball aim is a little rusty, Overwatch is giving you plenty of opportunities to practice. The game’s annual Winter Wonderland event runs from Dec. 10 to Jan. 2 and players can earn three Epic skins by completing weekly challenges. Player icons and exclusive sprays are also available with every challenge. 

For each week of the three-week event, Overwatch players will have the opportunity to unlock an Epic skin. Each weekly challenge asks players to win nine games of Overwatch in quick play, arcade, or competitive modes. Seasonal events, like Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter, count towards the number of wins required. Custom game modes created by players do not. 

The first weekly challenge, which lasts until Dec. 17, is all about Soldier: 76. With nine wins, players can unlock the Ugly Sweater skin for the DPS hero. Soldier’s ugly sweater features a lot of green and a very festive Pachimari. Winning three games unlocks an ugly sweater player icon. At six wins, players unlock a spray of Soldier: 76 opening his new favorite outfit.

Week two gives Moira some holiday spirit. From Dec. 17 to Dec. 24, players can unlock the Holly Moira skin. The healer’s usual accessories are given a holiday makeover, with bows, bells, and gold elements. At three wins, players unlock a “Coinín Nollag” player icon, which is a bunny with a festive Santa hat. A spray of Moira holding one possibly dangerous purple gift and one gold gift is unlocked at six wins. The skin unlocks at nine wins.

The final weekly challenge, which runs from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2, gives players the chance to unlock the Snow Angel Mercy skin. A “Snow Angel” player icon is unlocked at three wins and a spray of Mercy casting a “snow spell” is unlocked at six skins. With nine wins, players earn the Snow Angel skin, which gives Mercy an icy blue outfit with snowflake details.

This is the third Overwatch event that has used the challenge system. Summer Games and Halloween Terror also allowed players to unlock Epic skins by completing a challenge each week of the event. Pay close attention to the end dates of each challenge. Once the opportunities to unlock these skins are gone, they may not be available until next year’s Winter Wonderland event.