How to unlock the Overwatch League Ange de le Mort Widowmaker skin

The June Joust tournament skin is to die for.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League may have gone with a pun for its last tournament skin, but the June Joust cosmetic is dead serious.  

Expert sniper Widowmaker gets the June Joust’s featured skin treatment and her new outfit is all business. Named Ange de la Mort, french for “Angel of Death,” the skin gives Widowmaker a sleek black and gray armor with a ghostly hood. While it could definitely pass as a chic Reaper cosplay, this skin has a bit more panache. 

Designers took inspiration from the duelist nature of Widowmaker to represent the June Joust. The spider motif is a nod to her original design while the “witch-like hood” offers a bit of mystique, according to a post by the Overwatch League

Much like the M-M-Mei skin, which was featured during the May Melee tournament, this skin can be purchased for 200 Overwatch League tokens over the next few weeks. 

To unlock the Ange de la Mort Widowmaker skin, open up Overwatch. The skin is prominently featured on the front page right now. All you have to do is click “shop” at the bottom right of the screen to head to the Overwatch League skins page. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Overwatch League page on the main menu and select the bottom, generic Overwatch League tab to see special edition skins.  

The Ange de la Mort skin costs 200 Overwatch League tokens to unlock. One hundred tokens can be purchased for $5, so the skin costs approximately $10. Overwatch League fans can also unlock the skin using tokens they’ve accumulated by watching league matches live.  

While the June Joust tournament only runs from June 10 to 12, the Widowmaker skin will be available until June 21.