Genji and Zenyatta got karaoke interactions on Busan, too

More singing!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A bunch of small details and updates were added to the Overwatch test server last night, including another update to the Busan map. It isn’t a map change or a balance tweak; inside, Zenyatta and Genji can use the karaoke machine. The last two to get the karaoke treatment were Torbjörn and McCree, bringing the new total to six heroes that sing. (Reinhardt and Wrecking Ball can, too.)

The whole karaoke situation is pretty fun. Who doesn’t want to kick back with some music before heading into battle? 

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Video via Reddit
Video via Reddit

Both heroes’ songs are less singing and more reciting words, but still fairly good.  “Embrace the rhythm, embrace the beat,” Zenyatta sings. “Embrace the melody, move your feet. The rhythm is in you if you search within. Get down into the iris, float to the beat.”

Like with the other PTR changes, these adjustments won’t get uploaded to the live game immediately. Instead, they’ll stay in testing on the PTR for a week or two. Other changes that got added during this patch include “away” skins for the Overwatch League, a golden B.O.B., and a number of hero changes.

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