Decay leaves the Dallas Fuel

Fuel ownership claims he "refused to work with staff" and will seek other opportunities.

Photo by Carlton Beener via Activision Blizzard Entertainment

The Dallas Fuel will be down a DPS player as they roll into the Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup and the eventual postseason. The team announced today that it’s releasing Jang “Decay” Gui-un from his contract due to the player’s own request.

Decay is a hitscan DPS player who was signed to the Dallas Fuel in late 2019 after being traded from the Los Angeles Gladiators. For the first part of the 2020 Overwatch League season, he was considered the highlight of the Dallas Fuel roster for his deep hero pool and ability to clutch fights.

Decay suddenly stopped appearing in the Fuel’s starting roster in June, however. He was subbed in inconsistently for certain maps and his last official game was played on July 17, nearly three weeks ago. In June, Atlanta Reign coach Brad “Sephy” Rajani said Decay had “benched himself” and was spending time playing VALORANT.

Dallas Fuel owner Mike “Hastr0” Rufail was quick to explain the team’s decision on Twitter, saying Decay “refused to work with” the Fuel staff.

“Decay is obviously a great player, but he didn’t fit into our team and didn’t want to cooperate with the goals of our staff,” Hastr0 said on Twitter. “We just can’t keep someone like that around.” Decay has yet to make a statement on his departure from the team.

The Dallas Fuel will have to work with the DPS players they have for the remainder of the 2020 season since the player acquisition window closed on July 31. Dallas will play the Washington Justice in the knockout rounds of the Countdown Cup on Aug. 7.

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