Cooler Master’s Overwatch Invitational puts the spotlight on high school robotics teams

There's more than $40,000 available in prizes.

High school students from around California will descend on the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, Calif. to compete in a one-of-a-kind Overwatch tournament next weekend.

The Overwatch Cooler Master Invitational is pitting 12 high school robotics teams against each other, replacing their usual robots with omnics. Held July 15 to 16, the Overwatch Cooler Master tournament is giving away $40,000 in prizes—all of which will go directly to each team’s robotics program.

Free play areas and sponsor booths will also be open to the public during the event. Tickets for the Overwatch Cooler Master Invitational are free. A Twitch livestream will also be available for those unable to attend in-person.

Esports Arena intends to put on the “ultimate esports event” for the high school students competing in Santa Ana.

“Experience the thrill of the spotlights, the roar of the crowd, all while being streamed live to thousands of fans online,” Cooler Master said. “Teams will battle until the ultimate champion walks away with their lion’s share of the $40,000 prize pool that directly benefits their school’s robotics program.”

Collegiate and professional Overwatch teams typically find all the spotlight in the competitive scene, so it’s nice to see young players celebrated with a tournament like the Cooler Master event. Not only does it foster high school esports teams, but also directly impacts science and technology education in schools across California.