Concept artist creates incredibly detailed Firefighter Roadhog skin

Wholesome Hog, ready.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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After the Overwatch community called for Blizzard Entertainment to launch a charity campaign in support of Australian wildfire relief last week, one concept artist has designed their own version of what a potential Firefighter Roadhog skin could look like.

In honor of the firefighters combating Australia’s bushfires, artist Armando Gonzalez-Dorta reimagined the tank hero as a firefighter with firetruck elements implemented into the hero’s design. Roadhog sports a smoke-resistant mask and a red rescue hook in place of his Chain Hook. He’s fitted with a reflective firefighter coat and carries a truck siren on his shoulder. A fire hydrant, which would likely be used to spray water for his ultimate ability, sits at his waist.

The tank hero’s stomach is painted with Australian wildlife in commemoration of the over half a billion animals that have been killed or displaced by the fires. A koala head is featured at the center of the design, surrounded by other Australian wildlife including kangaroos and what appears to be wombats.

Last week, a fan posted to Reddit and called on Blizzard to create a new Overwatch charity campaign to raise money for Australia’s wildfire crisis. The post, which suggested two new firefighter-themed skins for Roadhog and Junkrat, shot to the top of the Overwatch subreddit and sparked an influx of support from the community.

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Hailing from Australia, Junkrat and Roadhog would serve as perfect candidates for a wildfire relief campaign. Blizzard has held a series of charity campaigns across its numerous titles in the past, including Overwatch’s Pink Mercy campaign, which successfully raised over $12.7 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Fans can donate to a number of nonprofit organizations to support wildfire relief, including the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia and the Australian Red Cross, which is actively helping thousands of people evacuate and those in recovery centers.