South Korean esports organization CONBOX drops its Overwatch team

It'll reevaluate its future in Overwatch for 2018.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A South Korean esports organization is exiting Overwatch.

CONBOX dropped its Overwatch team on Oct. 3 following its elimination from season four of OGN Overwatch Apex. A statement issued on Facebook said the decision to exit Overwatch was mutual between players and staff.

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The Overwatch roster was recently eliminated in Overwatch Apex’s second group stage after falling to both KongDoo Panthera and LW Red. It’s a pattern that’s plagued CONBOX throughout its involvement in Overwatch: CONBOX consistently achieved middling results in Overwatch Apex.

Announcements regarding the future of CONBOX Overwatch will come at a later time.

As Overwatch League approaches, South Korean esports organizations are exiting the country’s esteemed Overwatch Apex tournament series for a number of reasons. Top-tier teams, like Lunatic-Hai and KongDoo Panthera, have moved on to Blizzard’s global Overwatch League. Other organizations have exited due to uncertainty in the Overwatch scene outside of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League is scheduled to begin on Dec. 6 with preseason matches. The regular season will follow on Jan. 10. Meanwhile, Overwatch Apex continues Oct. 6 to determine the final team heading into the season four playoffs.

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