Chengdu Hunters has signed 3 new Overwatch League players

Three players were announced last night.

Image via Chengdu Hunters

Overwatch League expansion team Chengdu Hunters has announced the addition of three support players to its lineup—the first three players revealed for the roster.

“We heard you wanted more roster info,” Chengdu tweeted last night. “Please welcome […] our support lineup for this Overwatch League season. With composure, experience, and leadership, they’re hard not to love.” Chengdu’s brought on Chunting “Kyo” Kong, Li “Garry” Guan, and Xiangyao “Yveltal” Li to play support for the new team. Kyo is a former Team CC player, while Garry comes from Lucky Future and Yveltal from LigGan Esports.

The team must sign a minimum of eight player before the Dec. 1 deadline. The Overwatch League kicks off on Feb. 14. We’re quickly approaching the eight player minimum deadline, but teams are able to continue signing players—up to 12—until an unannounced date.

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Earlier in the week, Chengdu announced two coaches for the expansion team, too. Former Shanghai Dragons and Overwatch World Cup coach Xingrui “Rui” Wang and former Flash Wolves coach Chia-hua “Ray” Chang will join the organization. “The hunt for victory has gained some powerful mentors,” the organization tweeted.

Chengdu announced its name and colors on Nov. 11, showing off a golden yellow and black palette with a displeased panda logo. “Swift. Brave. Smart,” the team tweeted at the branding announcement. “We are the Chengdu Hunters!”