Can console players play in the first Overwatch 2 beta?

The world could always use more console heroes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The first Overwatch 2 beta is quickly approaching.

Starting on April 26, some of the many players around the world who’ve signed up for potential beta access will be able to get a first look at the future of Blizzard’s hero shooter franchise. Alongside returning heroes and maps, fans will be able to try out Sojourn, the new hero, test the new Push game mode, and check out four new maps.

Not everyone who applied for the beta will get in, though. Blizzard also has specific requirements for those who do get in. Many have been left wondering whether console players will be able to participate in the first beta alongside PC players.

The Overwatch 2 beta and consoles

Console players will not be able to participate in the April 26 beta. The first Overwatch 2 closed beta will only be available on PC, according to the official Overwatch website. Players will also need to have pre-registered on the website and must already own a copy of Overwatch. Players who are selected for the first beta will receive an invitation via email.

Console players shouldn’t despair, though. In the same FAQ, Blizzard said it’s planning on making future beta tests open to console players. There’s no telling when the next beta test will be, but the April 26 beta won’t be the only Overwatch 2 test period, so console players will be able to join in eventually.

Console players can still register for future beta access with their email on the Overwatch website.