Brigitte’s stun will be removed in Overwatch 2

Other support updates were also discussed in a forum thread.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

According to a new post on the official Overwatch forums, a change millions of DPS and tank players have been begging for will finally hit servers in Overwatch 2.

Forum community manager AndyB, who has been dropping details about the long-awaited sequel in threads asking about hero balancing, was back at it again on Sept. 13 with a support hero update. Last week, AndyB filled fans in on the future of tanks in Overwatch 2.

In a thread asking what supports would look like in the sequel, the community manager posted some details from two of Overwatch 2′s developers, likely Geoff Goodman and Joshua Noh judging by the first names mentioned. While there wasn’t as much detail as many fans would like, there was still plenty to dig into.

Most importantly, we have confirmation that the development team will be “removing the stun from Brigitte” in Overwatch 2. The support’s Shield Bash is a huge part of her kit in the current game, able to stun enemies out of attacks and ultimates. This is likely a big change for many Brigitte enthusiasts to deal with, but most other players will likely be delighted.

Beyond that, the developers confirmed many things about support heroes in Overwatch 2 will remain relatively unchanged. “The playstyle of your favorite support heroes should feel familiar and similar to retail,” the post said.

Self-healing from heroes like Ana and Baptiste will also “remain a powerful part” of those supports’ kits, but will be tuned to account for passives that will be added to specific roles. Supports will be given a passive self-heal, like Mercy’s current passive, in the sequel.

We still have no exact release date for Overwatch 2, but the fifth season of the Overwatch League will be played on an early build of the game in April 2022.