Blizzard reveals Buccaneer Baptiste, his first legendary Overwatch skin

Buccaneer Baptiste will appear on the PTR Wednesday.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment revealed what appears to be the first legendary skin for Baptiste, Overwatch’s newest combat medic.

Named Buccaneer Baptiste, the skin re-imagines the combat medic as a pirate. With this redesign, the hero is dressed in a red captain’s jacket with blue and white striped pants. In place of his robotic arm on his back, he carries what seems to be a wooden cannon with a pirate’s sword attached. Likewise, the character sports a red bandanna and an eye patch in place of of his usual scanner.

As the hero’s first skin to be revealed, Buccaneer Baptiste appears to be a legendary skin due to the character’s complete redesign and outfit change. Players won’t know for sure whether the skin comes with any additional voice lines until the skin hits the Public Test Region on Wednesday.

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Blizzard first revealed Baptiste just over one week ago, and the character has since made his way to the test servers where fans of the game have begun testing out his abilities. The combat medic does not have an official release date, so players looking to try the hero and his new skin out for themselves will need to head over to the PTR.