Blizzard is updating Lifeweaver’s ‘clunky’ controls after Overwatch 2 player complaints

This already sounds so much better.

Lifeweaver manifests a pink rose while standing in front of his Tree of Life Ultimate
Screengrab via Overwatch on Twitter

Just one week after his release on April 11, Lifeweaver’s control scheme is being changed in Overwatch 2 thanks to player feedback.

Game director Aaron Keller revealed the news about Lifeweaver’s quality of life update, which is coming some time next week. To compensate for the changes, the auto-reload of his damage-dealing thorns has been slowed.

Many players had complained about how Lifeweaver needed to swap between healing and damage dealing much like Mercy, making it a bit of an accessibility issue.

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Now, Lifeweaver will heal with left click and deal damage with right click without having to swap at all. His Petal Platform ability will replace his Healing Dash on shift, and his Healing Dash will now function as a double jump, similarly to Hanzo’s jump dash.

The control scheme sounds way better just off of first impression, and it will become the new default. But Keller said that players can still use the old control scheme by changing options around in the settings if they want to. Considering that many players had already developed their own completely separate keybinds for Lifeweaver’s kit, it doesn’t seem like the majority of people will want to go that route.

Keller also teased that “details on coming balance changes for Lifeweaver will be posted later this week” by lead hero designer Alec Dawson, so further updates to the new support hero are coming soon.

“Balance changes still being considered, will have more info by the end of this week!” Dawson said on Twitter.

Overwatch 2 season four is available now.


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