Blizzard confirms that Symmetra’s instant teleporters are a bug

Lead software engineer Bill Warnecke confirmed the news on the game's subreddit.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch players noticed a few days ago that Symmetra’s teleport pads were instantly deploying on the PTR. But Blizzard Entertainment’s lead software engineer Bill Warnecke has confirmed on the game’s subreddit that this ability is bugged.

Many players likely breathed a sigh of relief after finding out this news since this would’ve made Symmetra’s teleporters incredibly hard to counter. Dive compositions would be extremely potent since the team could instantly teleport into the enemy’s backline.

Symmetra could even send her sentry turrets into an enemy backline as well, dealing a good amount of damage while staying far away from the main fight. Although most players agreed that Symmetra needed some buffs, this specific change looked way too strong to be balanced.

Some people did mention that if a quick teleporter deploy time were to be implemented, Blizzard would have to lower its health so that the other team can counter the play by destroying it as fast as possible. But if a team is well-coordinated, it would still be difficult to counter instant dive bombs with the cast time reduced to nothing.

This bug will probably be removed from the PTR soon. Symmetra should receive some other buffs that could help increase her play time, though. Right now, she’s the third least-played hero in the game with a measly 0.54 percent play rate.