Symmetra’s teleporter now instantly deploys on the Overwatch PTR

Symmetra mains have been clamoring for buffs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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If you’re a Symmetra main, rejoice—your favorite photon-wielding hero might be getting a huge buff to her teleporters in the next Overwatch patch.

Players have found that when Symmetra places her teleport pads down on the PTR, they instantly appear in front of her instead of having to wait for a second or two to set up. This change wasn’t mentioned in the PTR notes, which has some people wondering if it was a mistake.

If this isn’t a mistake, then Symmetra could become a big pick when it comes to dive compositions. Players could use Symmetra’s instant teleporters to throw their heroes into the backline quickly and easily. This could also help with her own damage since she can surprise the enemy team with turrets at incredible speed.

There are also many players who pointed out how broken this teleport spawn speed is, however. The delay on the teleporters was implemented so that other players had a chance to react to them, but this gives no time for enemy players to respond.

It’s unknown whether this buff will make it to the live servers, but this change does seem a bit excessive. We probably won’t have to wait long for a response from Blizzard, though, so we should find out if this adjustment will stay in the game soon.