Black Cat Sombra joins lineup of new cosmetics for 2021 Overwatch Anniversary event

It's time to sneak around your enemies in style.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwach’s resident hacking extraordinaire is receiving a new outfit that emphasizes her ability to sneak around her enemies and reach her targets with ease.

For Overwatch’s Anniversary event, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the game, Sombra will be receiving a new Legendary skin called Black Cat. She’ll be taking a break from her normal cybernetic garb in favor of a new suit that makes her look much more villainous—and fashionable.

This skin retains the purple color scheme that Sombra is known to possess but also institutes various shades of blue and indigo that allow her to better blend into the night. She now touts new futuristic cat ears and an identity-concealing mask, as well as a cat tool belt and a whip at her side—clearly inspired by the villain-turned-anti-hero Catwoman from the DC Comics universe. 

Black Cat Sombra will be joined by Funky Baptiste and Venus Moira as new skins featured in this year’s Overwatch Anniversary event, likely alongside other unrevealed Legendary skins. Overwatch also hinted in the teaser trailer for the event that various heroes will be receiving new emotes, with other cosmetics yet to be revealed. 

Previous Anniversary cosmetics, including skins, emotes, and more, will all be available during this iteration of the event. And to coincide with this big celebration, every event cosmetic released within Overwatch’s history will be available for players to purchase and obtain via Anniversary loot boxes.

Players can look forward to celebrating Overwatch’s fifth anniversary when the 2021 Anniversary event starts on May 18.