Moira is getting a new Legendary skin, Venus, in Overwatch Anniversary this year

A plant girl's dream skin.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Moira’s newest Legendary skin is sure to be a hit with plant-lovers everywhere.

Blizzard revealed the Overwatch hero’s upcoming skin, Venus, in a teaser tweet this afternoon ahead of Overwatch Anniversary’s return as a seasonal event tomorrow, May 18.

In the outfit, Moira is doing her best Poison Ivy cosplay. She’s fully equipped as a venus flytrap of sorts, sporting leaves, vines, flowers, and even a green color scheme to her awesome hairstyle.

Venus Moira is the second new Legendary skin revealed thus far following yesterday’s unveiling of Baptiste’s Funky skin. A few more new Legendaries are likely to be revealed before the event kicks off tomorrow and they’ll join the list of Anniversary skins already in the game.

This year marks Overwatch’s fifth anniversary after the game was initially released in 2016. Even with development fully focused on Overwatch 2 for now, new skins hit the game every few months with its seasonal events. Anniversary is usually great for a bunch of new outfits every year.

Overwatch Anniversary goes live tomorrow, May 18, and will last through June 8.