Atlanta Reign apologizes for poorly-timed tweet amid sexual assault allegations

The tweet was reportedly scheduled in advance.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Atlanta Reign issued an apology today for an ill-timed tweet that was released amid the dozens of stories about sexual assault and harassment in the esports industry. 

The apology explained the tweet was scheduled days in advance before women across the gaming community began to share their stories on social media. The deleted tweet was a joke about handing a younger sibling an unplugged controller but was worded as a confession. The tweet opened with “Time to get something off of my chest,” which is similar to how individuals have shared their painful stories. 

The Atlanta Reign deleted the tweet and explained that it was an unfortunate mistake and not intended to be a joke.

“We wholeheartedly understand that the timing was entirely inappropriate and in no aspect was the tweet intended to be interpreted as a [joking] manner and/or to be perceived in bad taste, and we sincerely apologize for its ill-suited disposition,” the organization said.

The statement also explained that the Atlanta Reign stand by the victims sharing their stories and will continue to do their part in making the gaming community a safe place for all. 

Since June 20, dozens of women in the esports industry have shared their stories and experiences of sexual misconduct. More stories are shared daily and a spotlight is finally shining on the rampant problem in the esports industry. 

Twitch has already banned BlessRNG, who admitted to abusing an ex-girlfriend, and will reportedly do the same to other streamers involved in these cases. Sascha Steffens, the CEO and co-founder of the esports organization Method, has also been placed on unpaid leave after allegations surfaced earlier this week.