An unconvincing leak shows Sigma as Overwatch’s Hero 31

The Mexican Overwatch World Cup posted a picture with a surprising addition, but it might be a big joke.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Is some random guy named “Sigma” Overwatch‘s Hero 31? The Mexican Overwatch World Cup Twitter posted a series of screengrabs to celebrate role queue coming to the Public Test Realm (PTR) today, but one of them contained data related to an unknown character.

The team posted a series of four screengrabs, some labeled “temp art,” showing how role queue looks on Overwatch‘s user interface. One screengrab shows a player’s career profile and an unknown character, Sigma, is at the top of their “most played” list.

Image via Mexico OWWC.

The hero appears to be an older man with blue clothing. This does match a fashion brand referred to in the Overwatch universe as “Sigma,” but no other reference has been made to the name thus far. Earlier this month, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Hero 31 would be male and would be coming to the game on a delayed schedule.

While “Sigma” fits the bill of a male hero, there’s a lot going against this being a genuine leak. An Overwatch World Cup team, however prolific, likely wouldn’t have access to a new hero. These screengrabs are also apparently mock-ups of the user interface, not ones that actually exist. In addition, “Sigma” sounds quite a lot like “ligma,” a NSFW meme joke that was the height of gamer humor a few months ago.

Kaplan also noted, but immediately ignored, this rumored leak while playing a game with popular streamer and former Overwatch league player Brandon “Seagull” Larned. “Who is Sigma? That’s a good question,” Kaplan said, before instantly continuing to read the streamer’s chat. Hero 31, whoever it may be, will likely be revealed in the next month.