Afreeca Freecs Blue, KongDoo Panthera qualify for OGN Overwatch Apex semifinals

Tournament play continues June 20.

Screengrab via OGN Global

No team has been able to stop Afreeca Freecs Blue thus far in OGN Overwatch Apex’s season three, and X6-Gaming is not an exception.

Afreeca Blue blasted through X6 in the quarterfinal playoffs, securing each map—Lijiang Tower, Eichenwalde, and Hanamura—quickly and with expert precision. The team has yet to drop a single map this season; not one team they’ve come up against has been able to match their skill.

X6 made an attempt to surprise Afreeca Blue with a bizarre strategy built around Torbjörn’s turret and Orisa’s barrier. Mounted in the house above Eichenwalde’s capture point, X6’s defense, supported by just one healer, ultimately fell to Jeong “ArHaN” Weon-Hyeop on Sombra. Sneaking behind the setup, ArHaN was able to drop EMP and watch X6 crumble.

With a followup from the rest of Afreeca Blue, the team was able to capture the Eichenwalde payload point in mere minutes.

The domination continued through Hanamura, where Afreeca Blue captured two points to X6’s one. With that, X6 was pushed to the lower bracket of Group A, where they’ll face the winner of Team EnVyUs and Meta Athena.

In Group B, KongDoo Panthera defeated LuxuryWatch Blue 3-1, with LW Blue falling apart after securing the first map win on Oasis. With Song “janus” Jun-hwa out with a collapsed lung, LW Blue played with a substitute, which put the team at a clear disadvantage. KongDoo Panthera’s win against LW Blue was not nearly as clear cut as Afreeca Blue’s win against X6; still, they’ll move on to the semifinals while LW Blue falls to the lower bracket.

LW Blue will play the winner of ConBox Spirit versus Lunatic-Hai. Quarterfinal playoffs continue June 20 with EnVyUs versus Meta Athena and ConBox Spirit versus Lunatic-Hai. The semifinal deciders are set for June 23 and June 27.

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