An orchestra performed Overwatch’s music at gamescom 2018—you can watch it here

The 13-minute video packs in a ton of music.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Video Games Live orchestra performed at gamescom 2018, presenting a medley of tunes straight from Blizzard’s Overwatch.

The orchestra is known for its video game music performances and has toured internationally since its founding in 2002. For the event at gamescom, the Video Games Live orchestra performed the Blizzard first-person shooter’s music set to the game’s animated shorts, including Sombra’s Infiltration and Hammond’s origin story.

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Video Games Live performed a purely Overwatch-inspired set for just over 13 minutes at gamescom.

It was just one part of Blizzard’s stunning display over the past week. Despite being at gamescom, Blizzard decided to present a whole slew of new content at a fan festival set up in Seoul, South Korea. Naturally, the Overwatch team debuted South Korean Overwatch hero D.Va’s very own animated short, Shooting Star, during the event.

Alongside the short, Blizzard also debuted a new map set in Busan, South Korea. The map has players exploring D.Va’s hometown, including the MEKA base where she lives and trains. Blizzard teased a new skin in advertisements spread across the new map, showing D.Va in a sponsored Nano-Cola suit. Later in the week, Blizzard confirmed a new epic-ranked skin for the South Korean hero.

To get the new Overwatch skins, players just have to win nine Overwatch matches. In the lead-up to the skin, players will also unlock new D.Va sprays, too. Even more skins can be unlocked throughout the promotion, which ends Sept. 10, by watching participating streamers.

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