Zombies mode now available in Call of Duty: Mobile

Survive the dead with this free update.

Image via Activision

Activision revealed today that the popular Zombies mode has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile for a limited time as a free expansion.

All CoD: Mobile players will have to reach level five to unlock the Zombies mode, which will include the iconic Shi No Numa jungle map, weapon purchases, traps, and more.

There are two different Zombie modes for CoD: Mobile: Classic and Raid.

Classic will allow players to play through the original endless horde mode, while Raid will offer a new experience. Raids can be played on two difficulties, Normal or Heroic, where players will have to face off against the boss of Shi No Numa.

In Activision’s blog post, the company claims that Shi No Numa will be the first of many Zombie experiences. That means CoD: Mobile fans should get to see more Zombies content in 2020.