Yassuo shows League fans how to get a clean triple kill with Senna

Every ability was used to perfection.

Photo via Riot Games

100 Thieves content creator Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman displayed his League of Legends mastery and flair with an early-game triple kill using Senna on stream yesterday. Using the full power of Senna’s kit, the popular streamer bobbed, weaved, and blasted through the enemy bot lane and jungler during a gank. 

Curse of the Black Mist (E) allowed the streamer to dodge Pyke’s early aggression and set up a deadly combination of the rest of Senna’s abilities. Last Embrace (W) rooted Pyke next to the other enemy champions and Piercing Darkness (Q), followed up by Dawning Shadow (R), made quick work of them. 

Seeing this display from the eighth most popular League streamer on Twitch could lead to an increase of interest in the champion. Prospective Senna mains might struggle to lock her in, however, because Senna is the most banned champion in the game on Patch 9.23, according to champion.gg

Every time a new champion comes out in League, there’s a rush to discover their strategic potential and power. In Senna’s case, that ended fairly quickly since players were eager to take advantage of the support-marksman’s unique combination of mechanics.  

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Senna’s strength from the support role feels much like that of Pyke in previous months—a second carry with considerable burst potential and healing. But Pyke’s example is also a reminder that Riot tends to ban runaway carries from the support role, so Senna mains may have to use a less powerful version of the champion in the future. 

The support-marksman will be a compelling consideration for competitive teams in the new year of professional play and at the amateur level in the upcoming Clash tournament