Turret plating health bars are slightly inaccurate in League of Legends

Just how important of a visual bug is it?

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan discovered a visual bug today that rewards players with gold for destroying a turret plate before it reaches the appropriate health threshold. Though the health bar inaccuracy is minor, the community is divided about how important an issue it is.

The fan’s Reddit post seems to have split players down the middle. While some think the visual error can lead to devastating consequences, others believe there are easy workarounds to not be fooled by it.

Screengrab via Imgur and Riot Games

After jumping into a custom game, the fan discovered that the 120 gold from destroying a plate was doled out despite the health bar showing otherwise. One sliver of plate health remained, which could potentially bait players into overstaying for the gold.

Players claim that the inaccuracy urged them to play aggressively for the reward, but it ultimately led to a death for sticking around too long. And others raised the point that teammates could enter your lane to claim the turret plate without knowing you’ve already earned the gold. This could lead to an ill-timed enemy gank and a one-way ticket to your Nexus empty-handed.

But some players weren’t quite convinced. The counter argument claims that the huge 120 gold indicator is enough information to go on, while the mini-map still accurately shows how many plates remain on a tower. And if a player is being caught out when greeding for the turret plate, then it’s their fault and they shouldn’t blame the visual error.

It’s unclear if this bug is game-wide or if it’s only affecting a small margin of players. Riot hasn’t revealed a hotfix for the inaccuracy yet, but it’ll likely get patched out in the future.