Worlds 2016: I MAY Prove They Can Win

For the first game of the second half of Group B we had LPL’s I MAY against the Taiwans Flash Wolves.

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For the first game of the second half of Group B, we had LPL’s I MAY against Taiwan’s Flash Wolves.

Here is how it all went down:

                             IM                                          FW

TOP:                     AmazingJ-Ekko                       MMD-Poppy
JNG:                     Athena-Lee Sin                        Karsa-Elise
MID:                     Baeme-Aurelion Sol                Maple-Malzahar
ADC:                    JinJiao-Sivir                              NL-Jhin
SUP:                    Avoidless-Alistar                      SwordArt-Tahm Kench

BANS:                 Skarner/Nidalee/Syndra          Varus/Karma/Ryze


Early Game: An Interesting Swap From I MAY

With IM’s starting support, Road, being banned for one game for toxicity in Solo Queue, they had to have their sub mid laner play support. Interestingly enough, they decided to swap their sub into the jungle and make their starting jungler play support. They started the game with two players in an off role, but FW still respected IM’s skill and didn’t attempt any cheese. In fact, the game went very slowly. Even if FW tried to make something happen, IM was playing so safe that nothing really happened in the early game.

Mid Game: First Blood Break The Game Wide Open

Despite Baeme being in a rough matchup, he managed to outplay Maple to give Athena enough time show up and dish out enough damage to secure first blood. Immediately after, both teams met 5v5 at the bottom Krugs, where IM traded a kill on Maple for the life of Avoidless. At this point, despite being ahead in kills, FW had more overall map control on top of two dragons, 1x Ocean 1x Mountain. In order to secure first tower gold, FW sent three players to the top lane and took two towers while IM tried to trade for bottom towers, but only got one.

Late Game: I May Takes Control

Even after FW obtained so much gold over IM, they still managed to lose a fight against IM. The sheer amount of AoE abuse IM’s team comp can put out kept FW on their toes. However, FW still pushed their advantage onto objectives, which let them keep their gold lead. At last, FW overstepped their advantage and tried to sneak a Baron. Athena using his natural intuition, told him team to check Baron and left with four kills on top of Baron buff. Having taken a gold lead, IM finally had the game in their hands. In a two-minute team fight, IM killed everyone but NL and took their second Baron of the game. Once again, FW tried to sneak a big objective, but IM caught them in the act again to get four more kills and the enemy nexus.

IM and FW are now both 2-2.

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