World of Warcraft won’t be coming to console anytime soon, game director suggests

While the game may be getting a new UI and better controller support, a console release isn't likely.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Players have been waiting years for news of World of Warcraft coming to console, but sadly that reality may not be coming anytime soon. The iconic MMO announced its next expansion, Dragonflight, earlier today, and soon after game director Ion Hazzikostas spoke to IGN, explaining why he doesn’t think World of Warcraft will be coming to console.

“I think World of Warcraft is a game designed front the ground up for the PC,” Hazzikostas said about any potential console release in response to fan demands.

During the Dragonflight announcement, it was revealed the game would be getting a UI overhaul that would perfectly pair with the improved controller experience to get console gamers in the action. Hazzikostas explained why they’ve chosen to implement a UI overhaul and, sadly, it doesn’t relate to any console endeavors.

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“I think we’ve just been looking at the ways in which add-ons have at times felt increasingly required, or like the first thing you do when someone comes to the game for the first time is tell them ‘Hey, go download this add-on pack and move this stuff around’ and we want to do better for our players.”

While add-ons will likely continue to be common practice for World of Warcraft players, having the ability to customize the UI is a welcomed change and looks to be the first major change for the MMO title’s UI since it launched. 

Currently, Dragonflight doesn’t have a release date, however, Alpha sign-ups for the new WoW expansion will go live soon on the game’s official website.