Will Apex Legends Mobile have mobile-exclusive maps?

Not even Respawn can answer that question.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Mobile team wanted to make the mobile version of the game feel like the authentic Apex experience, and they built the game from the ground up to fulfill that goal. This means Apex Mobile has a series of features that aren’t necessarily in the base game—including Fade, the first mobile-exclusive legend who is set to come out alongside season one.

Despite some new tweaks, though, the action in Apex Mobile largely follows the venues in Apex Legends, with World’s Edge and Kings Canyon present in the game depending on modes. The mobile version of the title will also overhaul maps, for instance, adding the Climatizer POI to World’s Edge in season one.

Though Apex Mobile is so close to its PC/console twin, fans can expect some differences between the two. The addition of Fade is the most glaring example, which opens up a precedent on what else Apex Mobile will bring exclusively to the smaller screens.

Will Apex Legends Mobile have mobile-exclusive maps?

Apex Mobile isn’t afraid to step out of the shadow of Apex when needed, as seen in the case of Fade. Though the mobile game will only have World’s Edge and Kings Canyon at launch, having its own maps isn’t entirely out of the picture. But it’s not necessarily on the roadmap either, according to senior director of product Myke Hoff.

“We’re always going to be looking to see what is right for our players,” Hoff said in a press conference before the game’s launch. “So maps, characters, features, are always going to be things that we’re gonna be pushing to see if it’s right for us.”

“That doesn’t mean that these things will never show up on HD [the PC/console version],” according to Hoff, but it also doesn’t mean the team will follow the base version of Apex strictly either. “We should be seen as standalone products with two teams that work well together doing what’s right for our own audiences. So yes, maybe, if we think it’s the right thing to do.”

While adding an exclusive map in Apex Mobile would be a major undertaking, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely outside the realm of possibility. Apex Mobile was built from scratch to adjust to the new format, and the new legend Fade reflects that new mentality.

“For Fade, we took the learnings we built from bringing PC legends to mobile and we used them to create a legend that leans into what we see as being the best parts of mobile gameplay,” said design director Jordan Patz. And while a new map may or may not happen, if the team decides to go down that path, the new arenas will likely capitalize on the more unique aspects of Apex Mobile to create a stage that lets the Apex Games shine.