Will Apex Legends Mobile have esports?

It's the ultimate level of competition.

Lifeline, Bloodhound, and Octane stand in the lobby.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Esports are bigger than they’ve ever been around the world, and Apex Legends’ competitive scene is no exception. Many Apex players are familiar with the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), an EA-run global tournament series that allows both professional and up-and-coming players to vie for millions of dollars in prize money and the admiration of viewers all over the world.

When Apex Legends Mobile was announced, many players wondered whether it would follow in the footsteps of its PC and console sibling and include some kind of tournament series or competitive circuit. While the game is its own standalone title, many aspects of it will be familiar to Apex Legends players, including the loot pool, several of the modes, and the game’s maps.

Apex Legends Mobile and esports potential

Senior director of product Myke Hoff said while the team is always open to and “pushing for” the idea of Apex Legends Mobile having its own esports scene in 2022, the team’s current priority is making sure the game is stable and playable for a wide variety of audiences before exploring the competitive space. Respawn Entertainment wants to ensure the game has a strong enough community to facilitate esports endeavors since games’ communities are the backbone of their competitive scenes.

“While we don’t have firm plans for any esports right out of the gate, it is something that we will be working towards and actively considering on a continuous basis,” Hoff said.

Even though there are no current plans for an ALGS scene involving the battle royale’s mobile version, Hoff said the team will continue working toward an esports scene.


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