When will CoD: Mobile season 4 end?

It's almost over.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season four, called Spurned and Burned, will be wrapping up soon.

The season introduced the new MK2 marksman rifle and Hawk X3 scorestreak in the free battle pass. The Dome map from Modern Warfare 3 was also released this season.

Two of the biggest features this season were the addition of the Clan Wars and balance changes. The Clan Wars feature allows players to join a clan and play together to get honor and rewards. It makes clan progression more streamlined while also rewarding players.

The balance changes, on the other hand, were the biggest in the game since its release in late 2019. Almost every weapon received some changes to its base stats. Activision had said that these changes were being made to make the guns more aligned with the functionality of their respective classes.

When will Call of Duty: Mobile’s season four end?

CoD: Mobile’s season four will end on June 28 at 7pm CT. You have until this time to complete the battle pass and any other seasonal challenges.

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The content update for the fifth season, called In Deep Water, should release around this time. In Deep Water is expected to officially kick off on June 29 at 7pm CT. So far, Activision has teased a new map and two new weapons in season five.