What’s the average mouse sensitivity for CS:GO pros?

You can test some of the pros' mouse sensitivities.

Image via Valve

A Reddit user brought up the average sensitivity for the current top 10 CS:GO teams in the world, according to HLTV, on the game’s subreddit yesterday.

The average sensitivity is 875.4 eDPI, a number you get by multiplying the mouse DPI and the in-game sensitivity. The majority of pros use 400 DPI and between 1.5 and 2.0 in-game sensitivity.

Team Liquid, the current best team in the world, have the lowest sensitivity across its five players at 740.8 eDPI. That’s thanks to Keith “NAF” Markovic, who has the lowest setup in the top 10 with 800 DPI and 0.6 sensitivity, which combines for 480 eDPI.

Mousesports, on the other hand, have the highest sensitivity in the top 10. That’s not strange, though, since AWPer Özgür “woxic” Eker has the highest setup at CS:GO’s top level. The Turkish star uses 1,620 DPI and 2.0 sensitivity, which boosts his eDPI to 3,240.

This list shows that there’s no such thing as the perfect sensitivity and DPI in CS:GO, however. Woxic and NAF are both incredible players despite the huge difference when it comes to their sensitivity.

If you play CS:GO, be sure to test some numbers and keep up with the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Imitating the pros will likely cause more mistakes and make you miss some easy kills.

Almost every pro also uses the command “raw_imput 1” in the game’s console. This allows CS:GO to ignore your Microsoft Windows’ own mouse sensitivity.