What’s new in CoD: Mobile season 10: Release date, map, modes, and more

A lot of new content is arriving in Shadow Returns.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 10 is called Shadows Return, Activision announced today.

The new season will bring a map, weapons, mode, battle pass, and more to the game. The update will be a big one and also introduce ranked series five to the game. This means that the players’ ranks from the last season will be refreshed with new ranked rewards arriving.

Here is everything you need to know about CoD: Mobile’s season 10.

Release date

  • The new season will officially kick off on Nov. 17 at 6pm CT. The content update for season 10 should arrive a bit earlier, though.

Battle Pass


  • The new scorestreak, called Orbital Laser, will be available at tier 14.
  • On reaching tier 21, players will get the new SVD sniper rifle.
  • Other items in the free battle pass are the M16 – Paranoid, Charm – Gilded Marksman, Calling Card – Five Finger Fillet, and more.

Premier Pass

  • The Premium Pass will feature the new Stansfield Operator along with epic Operator Skins like Templar — Unredeemed, Alice — Rime, and Yegor —Needleworked.
  • There will also be several weapon blueprints like the LK24 — Vanquished, SVD — Black Ironwood, PP19 Bizon — Hidden Prowler, and the AS VAL — Tagger.

New map: Vacant

  • The Modern Warfare map is making its way to mobile. It’s set in an abandoned office building and offers short and medium ranged combat.
Image via Activision

New MVP replay

  • From season 10 onwards, the MVP will get a special replay screen. At the end of the match, the MVP’s best kills will be displayed for everyone.

New mode: Control

  • The Black Ops 4 mode is being added to CoD: Mobile in season 10. Players must attack and defend two designated points before the respawns run out.
Image via Activision

New BR mode: Warfare

  • With the release of Blackout last season, a new mode is also being added to the battle royale map. The Warfare mode from Modern Warfare is also coming to mobile.
  • Two teams of 20 players each will battle to reach the score limit first. It has infinite respawns.

New weapons

  • Two new weapons are joining CoD: Mobile in season 10. These are the SVD sniper rifle and the CBR4 SMG. The SVD is called Dragunov in games of the Call of Duty franchise.

New scorestreak: Orbital Laser

Image via Activision

Using the Orbital Laser will bring out a tablet with the map on it. Players can draw a line on any part of the map. A laser will be deployed from the skies on the marked line destroying everything that comes in contact with it.