What is lethal equipment in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Don't forget about these powerful items.

Image via Activision

Lethal equipment is an essential part of any Call of Duty: Mobile loadout. Players can decide which piece of lethal equipment they want to take into the battlefield that best suits their class or setup. 

Lethal equipment in Call of Duty: Mobile differs from tactical equipment since they deal damage to opponents. These deadly items are more than capable of taking out enemies on their own and should be used as frequently as possible. 

There are currently six different types of lethal equipment in Call of Duty: Mobile:

  • Combat Axe
  • Frag Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Thermite
  • Trip Mine

Each piece of lethal equipment can complement your class in a different way. An aggressive class with an SMG should consider a Combat Axe or grenade to help deal damage and take the fight to the enemy. A sniper class would be better supported by a Trip Mine to cover the flank, while almost any class can take advantage of a Thermite Grenade to stop an enemy push. 

Remember that lethal equipment can be used to finish off damaged opponents or flush out enemies from hiding. A Frag Grenade will send most players scurrying away, leaving them vulnerable to attack. A Combat Axe can take out an opponent with one hit, although you need to practice to ensure you hit your targets.

Experimenting with lethal equipment and finding the perfect option for you can significantly improve your Call of Duty: Mobile experience.